Estimate the cost of your transfer

I am sending money from:
Australian Dollar (AUD)
Send limit at a 7-Eleven store is AUD3,000 with some countries restricted to less than this.
This estimate is for money transfers made at a MoneyGram kiosk at participating 7-Eleven locations only.
*In addition to the transfer fee, a currency exchange rate may apply. MoneyGram also makes money from currency exchange. The above exchange rate is only an estimate. The actual exchange rate will be the rate that is in effect at the time the transfer is sent. Government restrictions in your destination Country, State or Province may affect your money transfer.
**Transfer fees vary based on the service option and transfer amount. Prices are subject to change.
^Hidden costs means the processing fee or any other additional fee that may be charged to senders in Australia excluding the transfer fee and the applicable currency exchange rates.